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I want all of my couples to enter marriage with their best foot forward. It is my belief that premarital coaching is one of the best ways to accomplish this.


SYMBIS or Save Your Marriage Before It Starts is an assessment tool I offer to couples who are interested in further enriching their commitment to one another.

In completing the assessment you will find out things about yourself and your mate and you will develop skills that will enable you to handle most, if not all, ups and downs life can throw your way.

As your certified facilitator my role is to help unpack your written assessment. Don't fret, this is not a test to determine whether or not your marriage will succeed or not. I will say that studies have shown that couples who participate in premarital programs increase their marital success and fulfillment by 30%!

Depending on your preference our sessions can be completed virtually or in person.

Invest in your marriage with the same attention to detail that you've invested in your wedding.  

Call for pricing and to schedule your

SYMBIS Assessment!!

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